JingJiang POET Shipyard is located at Jingxing Beach, City of Jingjiang and established in April 2005. It has approximately 1000 employees, including engineers, technicians & qualifies welders who have the expertise and abilities for delivering quality vessels to western standards.

The type of vessels built include various types of ocean going tug, supply vessels, accommodation derrick barge as well as flat top deck cargo barge with the yearly production capacity of close to 100,000 tons where all are complying with International Classification requirements and with the satisfactory of the Clients.

The yard where situated alongside the Yangtze River covers an land area of approximately 280,000m2 and water front on Yangtze River of approx. 600m with water depth of approx. 10m.

There is also an Outfitting jetty pontoon connected to bridge to yard of 90m x 15m size with fixed crane of 20 tons and one mobile crane of 20 tons each.

For construction of ship, most of the major equipment will be supplied from approved makers overseas and shipped to China for installation. Any major equipment built under license in China will be supported by the authentic license related to the equipment supply.


The shipyard is fully equipped with the following facilities

1 A horizontal crane of 300 tons and 4 gantry cranes of 45 tons, 32 tons, 25 tons and 15 tons respectively
2 A slipway of 53.8m x 200m (equipped with a horizontal crane of 100 tons and two gantry cranes of 45 tons each)
3 A slipway of 43m x 160m (equipped with two horizontal cranes of 32 tons each)
4 Two slipways of 32m x 120m (equipped with two horizontal cranes of 50 tons each)
5 A 4m wide steel plate pretreatment line
6 A universal‐position Hydraulic Press of 1000 tons, a door‐type Hydraulic Press of 630 tons and a door‐type Hydraulic Press of 300 tons
7 A cold‐frame bender of 500 tons
8 Four CNC cutting lines, two flame cutting lines
9 A large sectioned Coating workshop
10 A T‐structure streamline
11 Three pipe processing workshops, an indoor sectioned workshop, 4 outdoor sectioned sites
12 Two warehouses for imported facilities, equipped with cranes
13 Two outfitting wharfs, equipped with a gantry crane of 45 tons
14 Two universal‐position sectioned transportation flatbed trunks of 320 tons and 150 tons each

If you have any queries regarding our current facilities at Jiangsu Wuxi Shipyard, or you would like to find out more about our capabilities, please contact us at poetadmin@poet.com.sg.