A name synonymous with quality and reliability in shipbuilding and specialty marine equipment, POET Shipbuilding & Engineering Pte Ltd has a history rich with experience and delivers only the best.

Based in Singapore, the hub for marine and shipping activity in Asia Pacific, POET possesses both geographical and economic advantage, therefore setting industry benchmarks and positioning itself as the premier marine vessel manufacturer in the region, and Europe.

We truly understand what it takes to supply the finest in specialised marine equipment. To provide safe and reliable hardware that is cost-efficient, our team of experienced project managers, engineers and technicians are dedicated to the meeting the needs of the client, carving solutions that meet both budget and deadline.

Through strong connections with a network of industry experts locally and internationally, and maintaining high productivity, POET is well-equipped to further expand in tandem with the industry’s increasing and evolving demands; armed with the tenacity and expertise to seek innovative solutions for every client, as exemplified in the company’s marked growth from 1990 to today.

As part of its future plan, POET's investment arm, POET Investment Holdings Pte Ltd, aims to be listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) in the years to come.

As part of its continuous improvement process, POET was successfully awarded with ISO-9001 in September 2007, as well as the Singapore SME 1000 Company award. POET Shipbuilding & Engineering Pte Ltd was also the first winner of the Crossing $100 Million Turnover SME Award in the 26th Annual (2013) Singapore 1000 & SME 1000 Incorporating Singapore International 1000.

With the right tools, vision, and drive for the future, POET strives to be at the forefront of shipbuilding and marine equipment, and is ready to pioneer the road to excellence, keeping to its reputation and mission to remain the leading, trusted name in this industry.