Leading the Leader

MD's Message

Change affects us all, and the maritime industry of today is no exception. Swift movements in a fast-paced world easily bears an impact on us, giving rise to stronger, more challenging demands. In order to weather any storm, and emerge the survivor, we need more than just good equipment; we need human commitment and dedicated teamwork to succeed. And this winning combination is what POET is proud to possess.

Today, POET is one of the most well-recognised shipbuilding companies in Asia Pacific that is expected to grow substantially in the years to come, in addition to a consistently high annual turnover.

In staying ahead of the competition, we strive to be the go-to supplier and manufacturer for the maritime industry, with the widest range of marine equipment in our stable, including customised vessels across the size spectrum. Leveraging on industry experience from over the last 20 years, POET has groomed itself in becoming now the preferred strategic partner to clients from all over Asia and the Middle East, even making a name for itself in Europe.

What makes POET the preferred choice for our shipbuilding and maritime service partners? We undertake every project be it straightforward or complex with the guidance of a few key principles. And with every task we perform, we focuse on leveraging on the clients' investments; partnering with them to address their specific needs, and going above and beyond in exceeding their expectations.

With the promise to commit to fully understanding and realising our clients' objectives by meeting their demands, POET strives to deliver quality solutions that are efficient, resilient, and most importantly, cost effective. Our teams, our equipment, and our unparalleled experience is what makes us a reliable name in shipbuilding.

Yours truly,
Managing Director